Electric Vehicle Solutions

We work closely with our clients to develop custom solutions that meet their specific electrification needs. Whether it's adapting existing vehicles or designing new electric powertrains, our team has the expertise to deliver the right solution for your vehicle


We Design to Meet the Demands of the Future

In the future, upgrading to electric vehicles will be crucial to meet regulatory requirements. Instead of redesigning the entire suspension system. Altering vehicle design weight by changing specific parts will be a more practical and cost saving approach. This allows for flexibility in adjusting vehicle performance characteristics with ease and limited cost, ensuring adaptability to evolving needs and standards.


Modularity is a key feature of the Timoney product range, we have the means of adapting seamless integration of electric systems to existing  and new vehicles and across our product range. Commonality between 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 variants reduces the range of the inventory required to service a fleet of vehicles. At a product level, modularity is achieved by utilising common components across the portfolio.

All models are optimised for Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) and carrying capacity can be increased with minimum changes to the vehicle architecture.

Common interfaces between spring/damper and struts means the spring medium can be optimised and upgraded with minimal changes. Multiple drive ratio options enable the selection of the optimal driveline ratio for the required vehicle performance. The many structural and dimensional similarities of the T9000 and T9000E models also make it possible to quickly convert vehicles from mechanical to electric drive, without requiring large changes in terms of packaging and installation.


Performance Calculations

What are the benefits of electrifying your vehicle? For a given duty cycle, our T-SCAN performance calculation software will:

Predict vehicle performance.
Estimate fuel savings.
Estimate battery size and operating range.
Estimate tank-to-wheel and well-to-wheel efficiency.

Through expert engineering and analysis, virtual trade-off studies are executed to identify the optimal solution to transition from mechanical to hybrid and electric driveline systems.

Innovative Electrification Solutions for Vehicles

Discover how Timoney is revolutionizing heavy-duty vehicle electrification with cutting-edge technology.