Ride & Handling

Ride & Handling

Timoney Technology is a leading designer & provider of mobility technology associated with suspensions, axles, steering systems, and drivelines for off-highway vehicles and machines.

We design, prototype and manufacture Drivelines and Independent Suspension Systems to meet the needs of our clients, providing Vehicle Dynamics solutions using advanced modelling techniques that allow vehicle designers to incorporate high tech mobility systems into new vehicle proposals and vehicle/machine upgrades.

Research & Development

Research &

Timoney has been at the forefront of heavy vehicle ride and handling research since its inception in 1967.
Performance is at the heart of what we do and our knowledge and management of a sophisticated network of advanced research laboratories, universities and specialized suppliers in Europe, USA, Japan, South East Asia and Australia enable us to craft solutions designed to match our customer’s needs.


In addition to our design capabilities, we own and otherwise have access to appropriate test facilities to bench test and road test our developments to confirm the design analysis to actual load cases.
During our over 50 year history we have built a comprehensive library of test data and analytical reports which inform our current thinking and our whole process is monitored by our ISO 9001 quality certification.
The process starts with us listening to our customers and specifying a path to creating the solution needed. This process can take weeks, months or years depending on the scope of the task and the needs of the customer.

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About Us

Timoney has been in business for over 50 years working on heavy duty vehicle systems in the international marketplace.

Timoney’s technical prowess is in the area of heavy vehicle ride and handling: starting at the driver’s seat and ending where the tyre or track meets the ground.
Through providing new solutions to a demanding and diverse customer base,

Timoney has deepened its commitment and grown its experience in innovation. Timoney can deliver solutions rapidly and cost effectively so that customers can concentrate on their own core competence.

About Us
About Us

Our client list covers the globe and includes leading vehicle OEMs as well as highly specialised operators.

Our systems are used worldwide on military vehicles, construction machinery, Airport Rescue Fire Fighting vehicles, municipal fire trucks, logistics trucks, unmanned vehicles and other applications where rugged design and construction are required to provide safe operation and high performance in the most demanding environments.

Over 50 Years Experience