Model Your Driveline

From Vehicle Concept to Test track success is a long, uncomfortable, and Risky Road. Choosing a seasoned and proven Driveline partner will ensure a smooth ride and help you avoid many of the bumps on the way to success.


  • Vehicle test requirements, Grade climbs, Step climbs, Steering at speed.
  • Performance criteria, speed, acceleration, Range, torque.
  • Manoeuvrability, Mobility, Safety, Range, Adaptability, Connectivity.
  • Chassis load cases, Stability, Ride Height, CoG, Max loading.
  • How will vehicle configuration and use case changes affect vehicle performance over time?

As a Timoney Customer you get the world’s leading driveline design experts and vehicle simulation analysts working for you. See how we drive your concept designs through to test ground success.

Model Your Driveline

An Iterative Process, Until It’s Right

Collaborating closely with our customers, Timoney engineers will:

  • Start with a detailed discussion to understand your specific requirements, objectives, and constraints.
  • Create accurate digital representations of your vehicle using CAD models and technical specifications.
  • Run a series of simulations, analysing various aspects of vehicle performance and behaviour.
  • Provide comprehensive reports, including visualizations and detailed analysis, highlighting key findings and actionable insights.
  • Offer recommendations to optimize your design for improved performance and safety based on the simulation results.
  • Work with you through iterative cycles, refining the design and validating improvements until the desired outcomes are achieved.
  • Maintain the digital TDP of your vehicle for future modifications and vehicle variants.

But Software Always Gives an Answer

Having brought numerous vehicle designs from concept to successful trials, Timoney’s design hardened engineering team validates and Analyses our simulation results. Our veterans of vehicle design use their expertise to overcome the complexities of heavy-duty vehicle dynamics and accurately predict vehicle performance.